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TCM Supplies NZ is an online store, offering our first-rate products to supply therapists with quality equipment for the best price. We’re a business constantly looking to update and improve the online shopping experience.We will be updating our inventory frequently so if there something you need that we don't have on offer let us know, and we can get it in stock for next time you shop.

TCM Supplies NZ is dedicated to giving you the best online shopping experience for your acupuncture and TCM supply needs, fast nationwide delivery, and the best deals.  We love to get feedback from our customers about our products and service, your feedback helps us to improve our service and provide you with a better online shopping experience.

Animals Asia - Animal Rescue

TCM Supplies NZ is a proud sponsor of Animals Asia an organization dedicated to rescuing bears from the bear bile trade and improving the treatment of all animals throughout Asia. Meet Kevin, our sponsored Moon bear. Kevin was rescued eight years ago from a bear bile farm and despite losing one of his paws in a snare, he's a bear that enjoys playing, climbing and wrestling with his friends, like blind-buddies Mityan and Sepp or three-legged Chance. We hope to sponsor more rescued bears like Kevin soon.

Kevin - Our Sonsored Moon Bear


Our Products

We stock all sizes & gauges of Huanqiu & Shenlong Acupuncture needles and a variety of Vaccaria seeds, Press, Facial and Detox needles for sale. All of the Shen Long and Huanqiu Acupuncture needles sold by TCM Supplies NZ are stainless steel wound with a loop, guide tube and packaged with dialysis paper; we believe this to contribute to safer clinical practice. The loop at the top of our acupuncture needle selection provides a catching point for moxa, when using the needle fire technique, or for the attachment of electrotherapy clips.  For large or bulk needle orders, contact us to apply for bulk purchasing discounts. 

TCM Supplies NZ | Huanqui & Shen Long Acupuncture Needles

Moxibustion is the application of heat to a specific area or point on the body. Along with acupuncture needles, moxibustion has become an integral part of the Oriental system of medicine. The term 'moxibustion' is derived from the Japanese 'Moe Kusa', meaning 'burning herb'. Moxa is obtained from the herbal plant 'Artenisia Vulgaris', also commonly called mugwort. We offer a variety of traditional smoke and smokeless moxa for you to choose from when treating your patients.For practitioners who use Moxibustion techniques, we stock a range of Hanyi Smoke and Smokeless Moxa Sticks, Mini Moxa, Gold Moxa Punk, Mac Stick-On & holders & extinguishers for all your clinic requirements.

TCM Supplies NZ | Moxibustion

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of traditional Chinese treatment in which a therapist places special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People receive cupping treatment for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.TCM Supplies NZ also stocks a selection of both traditional glass & modern plastic cupping sets. Cupping jars are sold as a complete set of twelve cups.

TCM Supplies NZ | Cupping Jar Sets

For clinical practice, we stock a range of clinic room accessories including alcohol swabs, forceps, TDP lamps, Guasha stones and herbal oils, diagnostic probes and moxa holders to compliment your treatment. TCM Supplies NZ has a range of clinic accessories to complement your clinical practice.We have a  growing range of TDP lamps, stimulators clinic accessories and liniments available for your treatments as well as a selection essential equipment for your clinic.

TCM Supplies NZ | Guasha & Clinic Accessories

TCM SuppliesNZ limited is a registered New Zealand company, owned and operated by a registered Acupuncturist capable of answering any queries you may have regarding our products. All acupuncture needles sold by TCM Supplies NZ comply with NZASA membership requirements (All NZASA members are required to use sterile, single-use disposable needles as per sections C & E of the NZASA Codes of Safe Practice for Acupuncturists, and sections 13.3 of the NZASA Codes of Ethics).

For assistance finding a qualified acupuncturist in your area, please click either of the images below, each site has a comprehensive list of trained acupuncturists and traditional Chinese therapy practitioners available in New Zealand.

New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority | TCM Supplies NZAcupuncture NZ, Trained Acupuncturist Practicing in NZ