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Infrared VS TDP Lamps – Which one is the best option for me? 0

Thermal radiation (or infrared) is part of an enormous electromagnetic spectrum, which has been used for centuries to treat multiple diseases and disorders. In theory, this type of radiation ranges from 760nm to 100,000nm (wavelengths).

On the other hand, when we talk about TDP lamps, they use a different radiation emission mechanism, which allows them to modify the wavelength towards a more specific spectrum that allows special benefits. These lamps emit radiation in conjunction with a mineral plate to enhance the way in which radiation is absorbed and ionize the minerals that pass through our body.

Infrared Lamp Use & Safety

Infrared Lamp Use & Safety 0

Infrared heat lamps are suitable for use at home and in a professional setting. The Infrared Heat Lamp uses short-wave infrared light produced by an incandescent heat source to give deeper penetration of heat to tissues than conventional heat sources.
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 0

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a great holiday and return back to work or studies fully rested.  A big thank you to our customers who took the time to write product reviews on the website during the holidays, we really appreciate it! We’ve been quite busy throughout the holidays restocking and acquiring some new items and customer requested products to our inventory for 2018, these will be available late January.

New Arrivals in October!

New Arrivals in October! 0

Exciting times in October for us here as our new products will be available soon! 

We'll have a great selection of the latest Acupuncture models (Male, Female, Head, Foot, Hand & Ear) and a fantastic seven-piece acupuncture chart set on offer. All of the models and charts we stock have both the Chinese and English translation of Acupuncture points making them ideal for students.

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Thanks for Making our First Few Months Great!

Thanks for Making our First Few Months Great! 0

Just a quick few lines to say a big thank you to all our customers over the last few months! It's been great engaging with you all via Facebook, our website and by phone to answer your questions about our product range and assisting you to get the products you need for your treatments.
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