Infrared VS TDP Lamps – Which one is the best option for me?


Infrared VS TDP Lamps – Which one is the best option for me?

As the years go by we update and add new therapies and treatments to the long list of possibilities that exist. However, we have a constant: we look in nature the foundations or ideas to create the best medicines or therapeutic measures for each person.

This happens with infrared and heat therapy, quite old mechanisms (present in traditional Chinese medicine for years) that have been renewed and constantly updated to the incredible options we have today, such as infrared lamps and TDP.

But... How do they work?

The Science Behind Heat Lamps

All human beings are prone to be influenced by the electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun, and we can appreciate this with special interest in plants. Cellular organelles (part of their microstructure) are affected by the way sunlight impacts them.

Thermal radiation (or infrared) is part of an enormous electromagnetic spectrum, which has been used for centuries to treat multiple diseases and disorders. In theory, this type of radiation ranges from 760nm to 100,000nm (wavelengths).

On the other hand, when we talk about TDP lamps, they use a different radiation emission mechanism, which allows them to modify the wavelength towards a more specific spectrum that allows special benefits. These lamps emit radiation in conjunction with a mineral plate to enhance the way in which radiation is absorbed and ionize the minerals that pass through our body.

Although the way in which our body receives radiation is different, and the wavelengths can vary greatly depending on the type of therapy you choose, the truth is that both end up being effective. Even so, because of these small differences, one or the other may be better for a pathology or for a person. However, thanks to all the available scientific studies, today we can help you determine which may be the best option for you.

Benefits of the Infrared Lamp

Although there are many, we are going to limit ourselves to explaining the most important ones. Let us remember that, because it is a type of radiation, it can influence almost any area or region of our body.

  1. Pain Relief

Treating pain is one of the most complicated things there is. For patients with chronic pain, such as those who suffer from arthritis or back pain, eliminating it is essential to be able to continue their lives normally.

Back pain is the most frequent cause of disability in the United States. Several studies have shown that, thanks to the increase in blood flow caused by the increase in temperature, in conjunction with direct cellular changes, infrared therapy has been shown to be effective in both cases.

In a study carried out by George D. Gale et al, it was shown that more than 50% of patients obtained total relief from chronic back pain after 6 weeks of intervention. (1)

Likewise, other studies confirm that the application of infrared is an effective and incredibly safe therapy to treat arthritis, especially when it comes to the knee. (2)

  1. Wound Healing

As far as wound healing is concerned, infrared rays have several particular effects that could benefit people with mild to severe injuries. Many times, our conditions are not the best to allow healing to take its natural course, so we must use systems that help us promote the factors involved in this process.

The use of infrared has been shown to enhance part of the mediators in charge of the process of inflammation and regeneration of tissues. Although there is a lot of information available, the most important studies reveal that both short-term and long-term application could make a difference in patients with skin lesions, especially burns. (3, 4)

Benefits of the TDP Lamp

The type of electromagnetic radiation used by the TDP is known as Far Infrared Radiation (FIR). This has been linked to several benefits, but we will concentrate on the most important ones.

  1. Pain Management

Unlike infrared lamps, it appears that the effect we can get from the type of radiation used by the TDP is a little different.  While it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and curative properties, it appears that pain suppression is the most important thing in this PDT.

For example, in patients with ankylosis (osteoarthritis and fusion of the vertebrae), it has been shown to have positive effects on pain, helping to reduce and control it, but also in an effective and safe way, especially in short-term application. (5)

In addition, it could be useful for patients with pains related to the menstrual cycle, without the need to affect fertility or anything similar. (6)

  1. Weight loss

There are some studies that certify what we have known for many years thanks to traditional Chinese medicine: the heat from infrared radiation can help us lose weight and improve the measurements of our body.

The fundamental mechanism seems to be based on increased microcirculation and blood flow, as well as direct alterations of basic cell function. According to Conrado and Munin, the correct use of radiation could decrease multiple cardiovascular risk factors, while helping you lose weight, in a safe way. (7)

What's the Best Option for Me?

In comparison, the newest would still be the TDP but infrared lamps end up being ideal for our body and there are many more studies that corroborate it. Both have similar beneficial effects on our body and, most importantly, are quite safe and do not pose a risk to life.

Perhaps in either of them is the solution to your ailment, to your health problems or the secret to ageing healthy, and strong.

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